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Tristel Purogene

Tristel Purogene

Tristel Purogene is a Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide (SCD) product containing 2% (20,000 ppm) of Total Available Chlorine Dioxide (TACD). It is specified and used by Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, property management companies and industrial operations for manual ‘fill & soak’ disinfection of hot and cold water services for Legionella control. In addition, Tristel Purogene is probably the most widely used source product for chlorine dioxide production for continuous treatment of hot and cold water systems for bacteriological control (especially biofilm and Legionella) in place of high hot water temperatures, or for occasional on-line disinfection where ‘fill & soak’ cannot be used.

Tristel Purogene is a powerful liquid disinfectant that in independent tests has outperformed all other commonly used disinfectants. Tristel Purogene is non-corrosive at in-use concentrations, is unaffected by water pH, does not ‘chlorinate’, leaves no taste or odour and is the primary replacement for hypochlorite and numerous other disinfectants.


Tristel Purogene holds UK approvals for use in water that is to be used for drinking, washing, cooking and food production purposes, and as a disinfectant for water works apparatus, reservoirs and distribution systems.

Tristel Purogene holds many other approvals in the USA and worldwide including for use on board ships, and is the specified disinfectant for use in water systems on board aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and 777.

  • Used for the removal and control of Legionella and general biofilm
  • Microbial control within recirculating water systems
  • Disinfection of water to remove slime and odour causing bacteria and enhance the taste of water
  • Specified disinfectant for use on board ships and aircrafts

Product Options & Accessories

Tristel Purogene is availabel in four sizes:

  • 5L
  • 25L
  • 210L
  • 1000L

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