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Tristel plc has a consistent record of revenue growth as an AIM listed public company.  It is one of only a few businesses worldwide that specialises in infection prevention in human and animal healthcare and contamination control in industry.

Since its IPO in June 2005, Tristel has established itself as a world class manufacturer of liquid chemical hygiene products.

  • DGU (Hamburg, 18-21 September)
  • IPS (Liverpool, 22-24 September)
  • IPCNC (Christchurch, 23-25 September )
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The Tristel story began in 1993 when the founding shareholders developed a proprietary chlorine dioxide formulation to be used for the disinfection of flexible endoscopes to replace glutaraldehyde.

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Biofilm in device lumens and pipework

Biofilm in the lumens of medical devices and in water pipelines can put patient lives at risk. Chlorine dioxide has been shown to be effective against biofilm and could be used to manage and prevent biofilm formation in device lumens and pipelines.

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