About Us

Tristel is a manufacturer of infection control, contamination control and hygiene products. It has four principal activities:

  • Medical Instrument Disinfection under the Tristel brand
  • Hospital Surface Disinfection under the Cache brand
  • Cleanroom, pharma and lab under the Crystel brand 
  • Infection prevention in animal healthcare under the Anistel brand

The Tristel story began in 1993 when the founding shareholders developed a proprietary chlorine dioxide formulation to be used for the disinfection of flexible endoscopes to replace glutaraldehyde. Glutaraldehyde was at the time used universally throughout all hospitals in the United Kingdom, and indeed worldwide, for the disinfection of heat-sensitive medical instruments. However, it was known to be toxic.

During the course of the following decade Tristel gradually captured significant market share in the United Kingdom hospital market. In June 2005 Tristel plc was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market.

By this time the Company had developed a broader vision for the use of its chlorine dioxide chemistry and had set in train its strategy to apply the chemistry to the four vectors of transmission of infection in a hospital: instruments, surfaces, water and skin.

A key milestone in the development of the Tristel group was the establishment of its manufacturing plant in Cambridgeshire in 2007.

Having established its capability as an ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN 13485:2016 manufacturer of high-level disinfectants, in 2009 Tristel acquired the intellectual property and manufacturing rights for a portfolio of disinfectants used in animal healthcare facilities worldwide. Tristel manufactured these products until March 2012 when it created its Anistel brand and has since served the animal healthcare market directly.

Following its initial public offering Tristel also embarked upon its plan to take its products into overseas markets, establishing distributors throughout Continental Europe, the Middle and the Far East. It is one of the stated aims of the Group to be a recognised force in the global infection control industry. In the pursuit of this aim, Tristel has established direct operations in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Russia and throughout Europe.

Tristel also manufactures and sells contamination control products under the Crystel brand to the pharmaceutical and personal care industry. For this market, the Company has established a Class 6 cleanroom to enable it to manufacture sterile-packed disinfectant products.