Stella is ideal for the decontamination of cystoscopes and ureteroscopes. It involves immersion of the endoscope in Tristel Fuse for Stella, a chlorine dioxide-based high-level disinfectant solution, and irrigation of the instrument’s lumen. The process takes five minutes and is the quickest high-level disinfection system known. Stella incorporates an audit trail process.

A randomised single-blind comparison of the high-level disinfectants Tristel Fuse (chlorine dioxide) and Cidex OPA (ortho-phthalaldehyde) for use with flexible cystoscopes undertaken at Tauranga Hospital, New Zealand in 2011, revealed that the two high-level disinfectants provide equivalent microbiocidal efficacy of flexible cystoscopes, but the Tristel Fuse and Stella System was significantly more cost effective than the use of Cidex OPA in an automated endoscope reprocessor.