The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM is a QUAT based surface disinfectant, that combines the power of cleaning and disinfection into one solution. The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM is available in a 1 litre or 500ml bottle size, giving you the flexibility to choose.

For when space is tight, the 500ml DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM can easily be stored and transported, ideal for use in Domiciliary Care.

With the 500ml DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM, you can choose from three applicators: the Doser, for measured doses of liquid, the Foamer, for measured doses of foam or the Sprayer, for measured doses of liquid spray.

For when bigger quantities of surface disinfectant are needed, opt for the 1 litre DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM, offering 10 litres of working solution per 1 litre bottle of concentrate.

The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM is the surface disinfectant that not only gives you the choice of how you apply the solution and the freedom to choose a bottle size to suit your needs, it also keeps the environment in mind.

The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM bottles and applicators can easily be reused and repurposed. Pair the DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM with any spreader to create freshly made surface wipes on the go. Choose a sustainably sourced spreader to further reduce single-use plastic waste.

Microbiological Efficacy

The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM working solution is effective against coronaviruses in 2 minutes. It is also effective against bacteria, yeasts, enveloped viruses and destroys DNA and RNA.

Contact times are a key consideration when choosing a surface disinfectant. We have published specific contact times for each microorganism that the DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM is effective against in our comprehensive microbiological efficacy summary.


The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM is intended for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of non-invasive medical devices and equipment, and hard non-porous environmental surfaces, such as:






Product Options and Accessories

Both the 1 litre and 500ml DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM variants come in several pack options to suit your requirements.


Get everything you need to start using the DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM today with the Starter Pack.

The Concentrate Pack is ideal for when you are running low on DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM concentrate solution.

Need extra dosing bottles? The Dosing Bottle pack provides 6 x 1 litre bottles and Dosers.


The 500ml Starter Pack provides everything you need under one handy SKU to start using the DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM.

Run of out DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM concentrate? The Concentrate Pack provides 500ml of concentrate solution for when stock levels are low.

Need some extra dosing bottles? Then the Dosing Bottle Pack is ideal, with 6 x 500ml dosing bottles.

Prefer one applicator to another? Then our Applicator Packs provide the perfect solution, choose from the Sprayer, Doser or Foamer packs for extra applicators.

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