Crystel CRY-SPORE (Sterile)


Crystel CRY-SPORE (Sterile) is a two-part chlorine dioxide sporicidal disinfectant, intended for the disinfection of walls and floors within pharmaceutical production facilities.

Microbiological test data

  • EN 1276 
  • EN 1650
  • EN 13704
  • EN 13697
  • EN 14476

Product analysis

Product tests conducted: Shelf life testing, COD – Chemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrogen/Phosphorous content.
Certification: Certificate of Analysis with each batch, Sterility Validation

Product Options and Accessories

Crystel CRY-SPORE (Sterile) is available two sizes:

  • Activator and Base concentrate bottles: 25 x 100ml of each (dilute to 2%)
  • Activator and Base bottles: 100ml Activator and 4.9L Base (ready-to-use)

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