Crystel SAPPHIRE is a high foam, heavy duty detergent for removal of organic soils, including fats, oils and silicone.

Areas of use include walls, floors, product contact areas and equipment such as vessels, filling lines and utensils. Sapphire is not soft metal safe, but can be used on a variety of surfaces including stainless steel.

Product analysis

Product tests conducted: Shelf-life testing, On-site analytical method, HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography, TOC – Total Organic Carbon, Rinsability Graph, Corrosion Studies, LD50 – Lethal Dose 50,
COD – Chemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrogen / Phosphorous content.

Product Options and Accessories

Crystel SAPPHIRE is available in concentrate solution:

  • 20L
  • 1000L


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