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Biofilm in device lumens and pipework

Biofilm in the lumens of medical devices and in water pipelines can put patient lives at risk. Chlorine dioxide has been shown to be effective against biofilm and could be used to manage and prevent biofilm formation in device lumens and pipelines.

Make Sense Campaign: The Tristel Trio Wipes System

Across the world, HPV type 16 is responsible for 90% of oropharyngeal cancers. It is paramount to disinfect medical devices with the correct high-level disinfectant to avoid life threatening infections.

A randomised, single-blind comparison of high-level disinfectants for flexible nasendoscopes

Turnaround time and cost are dramatically reduced when using Tristel Trio Wipes compared to the other disinfectant methods.

TRISTEL DUO ULT conforme aux exigences de la norme EN 14885:2018

Tristel Duo ULT est reconnu comme un désinfectant de haut niveau et s’est également avéré efficace contre l’HPV des types 16 et 18.

A Brief Overview on Human Papillomavirus - Biology Devices and Decontamination

Medical devices such as endocavity ultrasound probes and endoscopes are used to examine  areas of the body in which HPV may be present and can pose a risk of HPV contamination. 

Chlorine Dioxide High-Level Disinfectant Wipes - A Published Data Review

This paper presents a review of evidence to determine if high-level disinfection with a chlorine dioxide wipe is a suitable method for non-lumened endoscopes.

Tristel Trio Wipes System vs. Rapicide Peracetic Acid

This study confirms that Tristel chlorine dioxide wipes have equivalent efficacy to a world-leading peracetic acid high-level disinfectant and provide significant other advantages to a hospital.

La désinfection des nasofibroscopes: Comparaison de l’efficacité d’une procédure par trempage versus une procédure par essuyage

Poster présenté au Vème Journée 'Alias', le 31 mars 2015 à Lille (France).