UK Sales Team

Tristel Global

Our team of MIA-accredited sales representatives is at your full disposal for any questions and product enquiries you may have. You can find their contact details below, including a link to their email address if you'd like to get in touch!
Alan Cooney Alan Cooney
Alan Cooney
Tristel Sales: Midlands & South Wales
Joanna Cross Joanna Cross
Joanna Cross
Anistel Sales
Joanne Watson Joanne Watson
Joanne Watson
Tristel Sales: South West
Kerry Alderson-Davies Kerry Alderson-Davies
Kerry Alderson-Davies
Tristel Sales: London & Home Counties
Kevin Menhinick Kevin Menhinick
Kevin Menhinick
Anistel Sales
Lesley Murray Lesley Murray
Lesley Murray
Tristel Sales: Scotland
Richard Fish Richard Fish
Richard Fish
Tristel Sales: North West & North Wales
Robert Lewis Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
Crystel Sales
Sarah Steward Sarah Steward
Sarah Steward
Tristel Sales: South East
Zoe Atkinson Zoe Atkinson
Zoe Atkinson
Tristel Sales: North East