Tristel RA


Tristel RA is a 3-in-1 system for the purification of water entering your EWD.

Tristel RA doses low concentrations of Tristel’s proprietary chlorine dioxide (ClO2) chemistry into the incoming water supply used during an EWD’s decontamination cycle.

Dosage levels can be altered depending on the expected bioburden and in relation to the amount of water flowing through the system. 

Tristel RA prevents bacterial proliferation and biofilm formation and protects the washer’s filter and rinse water from contamination.

Microbiological Efficacy

Tristel RA provides microorganism-free water, enables successful decontamination and prevents cross-contamination to medical devices.

Nelson Laboratories is a leading United States laboratory used by medical device companies, including EWD companies, for disinfectant testing (Nelson Laboratories, 2018). The effectiveness of Tristel RA was evaluated by Nelson Laboratories under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) test conditions.

Tristel RA was challenged with a high bioburden (>106 CFU/mL) consisting of Mycobacterium terrae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as outlined in the EN ISO 15883 standard. Organisms were injected directly into the tank of Tristel RA, bypassing the 5μm filter and RO system situated prior to the tank, therefore representing a worst-case contamination scenario.

Tristel RA achieved a >6.62 log reduction for M. terrae and a ~6.61 log reduction for P. aeruginosa (Pace, 2017).


Tristel RA Series 2

Tristel RA Series 2 provides a constant supply of water chemically dosed with a low level of chlorine dioxide before the 0.2µm filter. It prevents bacterial proliferation and protects the filter and rinse water from contamination.

Tristel RA features an integrated track and trace system which enables the operator to constantly monitor the process via the Operator Interface Touch Screen. It shows the current status of Tristel RA with diagrams and live data. Handling of alarms, logging data, reviewing bottle levels and setting dosing parameters are a few of the actions that can be performed, all under the security of a unique password; only trained staff can operate Tristel RA. The Touch Screen can either be mounted onto Tristel RA or placed in a central unit where the system can be managed via a Bluetooth connection.

Tristel RA incorporates an Auto Shutdown feature. It detects when there is a problem with the water being supplied, shuts down the washer disinfector immediately and gives the operator a fault analysis via the Operator Interface Touch Screen.

Tristel RA is serviced by T.E.S.T. approved engineers. There are various options of service and testing packages, including two service visits per year and a validated HTM 01-06 IQ/OQ and PQ.

Tristel RA Series 3

Tristel RA Series 3 provides all the benefits of Series 2, plus an integrated Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. A water tank, which features a self-decontamination cycle, holds up to 50L of dosed water. Therefore, Tristel RA Series 3 can cope with high demand for bacteria-free rinse water.

Tristel RA Series 3+ 

Tristel RA Series 3+ provides all the benefits of Series 2 and features a 85L tank for dosed water.

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